Cybercrime is a growing threat that's already costing the UK an astounding £3 billion a year, with global growth rate estimated at 15% YoY. Cybercrime represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth ever, it’s a threat that’s simply not going away and cannot be ignored.

The recent data breach at JD Sports highlights the importance of understanding your cyber risk profile and taking proactive measures to secure your information.

While ransomware attacks, like the ones suffered recently by the Royal Mail and the Guardian, make headline news, quiet theft of data to sell can be highly lucrative to criminals. The seriousness of the data affected should not be played down.

The type of data reportedly stolen includes a lot of personal details that would be useful to cyber criminals in further cybercrimes against JD Sports’ customers, such as phishing emails that could result in serious financial losses. The cost-of-living crisis is bad enough; having your already stretched bank account emptied would be devastating to most people.

Time and time again businesses are hit by cyber-attacks that steal data or ransomware attacks that wipe out business operations. Yet the most common root causes, the most common weaknesses, are easily identifiable and often straightforward to fix. Apologising to your customers and reporting to the ICO is not something anyone in business should look forward to.

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