By Bryan Bletso, Head of International at Irwin Mitchell

Back in November we pointed out that the UK has always been a popular destination for FDI. Our own research supports that view and this latest survey suggests much the same thing, as Europe slowly starts to return to more business as usual post national Covid lockdowns.

Producing our own guide for businesses looking to come to the UK by acquisition or investment was a tacit acknowledgement that we anticipated investment into the UK and real estate growth, regardless of Brexit and this latest survey confirms that view.

With the right support, business tends to find a way and there’s no reason why firms can’t continue to make a success of opportunities in the UK. Our prediction is this will only grow in the months and years ahead, as European economies strive to recover from the trials of the last two years and the stifling effect they have had on new funding initiatives.

The market could well hot up significantly with new investment unleashed and the smart money continues to bet on London. We are also seeing a lot of interest from German businesses, reflecting the growing power of the German market. They also wish to continue to work and invest in the UK and we continue to work with our European partners to help facilitate this.