A few weeks ago I wrote a short piece summarising the planning rules for farmers and other rural land owners looking to bring in a 'pop-up' onto their land as part of their diversification plans,and how all this has changed as a result of the pandemic - Carry On Camping.

This has been quickly followed with a Government release entitled "red tape cut to allow campsites to remain open all summer".

Now it is in my view a slightly misleading headline as the red tape was "cut" last year and this release does not extend the temporary 56 day limit any further.  It does however state that the Government is asking and expecting local councils to take a flexible approach to the enforcement of regulations to allow ‘pop up’ commercial campsites and existing campsites to take advantage of the relaxation of rules over the duration of the holiday season.  In a slightly odd move the message to our over-stretched LPA's seems to be turn a blind eye to those 'pop-up' sites not quite complying with the regulations as long as there is no negative impact on the local area or the environment such as litter, noise pollution or social distancing.

Whilst the LPA should turn a blind eye, the licensing side of the authority should not; since the provisions do not remove the legal requirement for campsite licenses. Local authorities are encouraged to expedite new applications for licences to provide certainty for applicants.