So you’re a seller on Amazon or Etsy or one of the other platforms, and you receive a notification that your listing or (worst still) entire account has been suspended because someone has made an allegation of intellectual property infringement.

And that is infuriating, because you’re a legitimate business, you don’t sell counterfeits, you’ve followed all the rules, the complaint is completely groundless, and the suspension is costing you a fortune.

It’s even more infuriating that the only options apparently available to you to get the suspension lifted are to get a retraction from the complainant (which they are obviously not incentivised to give) or to fall on your sword, admit to an infringement which you don’t think has happened, and commit to make changes that you shouldn’t have to make.

There may seem to be no fair resolution, but there are ways and means of getting the situation resolved quickly and without having to admit to something you haven’t done.

Our intellectual property team can help you to navigate the platform’s rules, and crucially, to get a retraction of the groundless complaint which has led to the suspension.  Please contact Amy Au for an initial consultation.