Law firm Irwin Mitchell has presented a series of joint seminars aimed at helping businesses prepare effectively for the year ahead.

Employment lawyers from Irwin Mitchell provided an analysis of recent immigration changes; highlighting how the new points-based system will work, what the costs are for employers and employees, and what the pitfalls in relation to discrimination are.

There was also an update on IR35 which was due to come in last year but was delayed by 12 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The seminar also included a thorough examination of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employment law. This analysis looked at the issues that need to be considered by employers now and over the coming months including shielding, furlough, and carry over for holiday. There was also a look at the rules in relation to vaccines and whether employers can insist employees take it.

High profile holiday pay cases, collective bargaining rules and the Employment Bill were also discussed.

Fergal Dowling, Partner and National Head of Employment Law at Irwin Mitchell, said:

“These seminars are designed to not only look back, but look forward to what businesses need to look out for over the coming months. Employment law is changing rapidly as result of disruption caused by Brexit and Covid-19 and it’s vital that businesses get it right.

“We hope all the businesses who took part found the seminars useful”.

To watch the seminar highlights, click the following link.