Liverpool City Mayor, Steve Rotheram, has announced the City's 'building back better' campaign which feels largely familiar given Manchester City Mayor Andy Burnham has been saying the same three words and of course we have Boris Johnson and his cohort of ministers all repeating the three word mantra.

Are we building back better, or is this a case of never wasting a crisis and making good on the plans that were in place in our pre-covid 19 life?

We all recognise the need for development to tackle inequality, create jobs, support businesses which will hopefully drive innovation, but this needs time, energy, skills and most importantly money.

In the latest announcement, Mr Rotheram states the plan sets out how £1.4bn in investment could unlock £8.8bn of projects to begin in the next 12 months.  This could lead to creating 120,000 much needed jobs in the region.

The projects are ambitious focusing on environmental sustainability and cultural aspects which the City region is proud of.

Working alongside the key stakeholders in the region it is an ambitious plan which looks to future and therefore is not only building back better, but smarter too.