There will be a further addition to the ever growing skyline of Manchester in the coming years as Downing announces plans for its latest tower at First Street in Manchester.

The development is a co-living concept which comes on the back of other such developments in the North West.

What is co-living?  This is a type of development which has emerged from the Build to Rent market.  Primarily it was seen in the student accommodation, but this is a move which larger apartments to establish the idea in the mid-market to luxury end of the rental market.  There will be more to follow on these particular sectors soon - watch this space!  In the main though, co-living's concept is to create a more community based environment for people to live with more shared spaces and communal living ideas, but with a sense of ownership and private spaces.  It is seen as the best of both worlds for the modern renter.

This is a flagship development of this concept in Manchester.