Earlier this week, Jeremy Corbyn addressed the TUC conference and promised to introduce the 'biggest extension to worker's rights' if Labour get into government.

The wide ranging proposals for individual rights include:

  • Introducing a 'real' living wage of £10 per hour for all workers aged 16 or over
  • Banning unpaid internships and zero hours contracts
  • Giving all workers the right to request flexible working and putting an obligation on employers to accommodate the request (not simply to consider it)
  • Banning Swedish Derogation contracts for agency workers
  • Creating a single status of 'worker' for everyone other than those who are genuinely self employed

In addition, the Labour Party want to make significant changes to collective rights including:

  • Repealing the Trade Union Act 2016 in its entirety 
  • Making it easier for workers to have their say at work, including allowing electronic and workplace ballots
  • Giving trade unions the right of entry to workplaces to organise members and to meet and represent them
  • Banning anti union practice and strengthening the protection of trade union representatives against unfair dismissal

The Labour Party would also appoint a secretary of state whose job was to promote employment rights and to set up, what it refers to as a 'workers protection agency' to enforce employee rights, standards and protections.