The government has launched a public consultation on a range of measures to reduce ill health-related job losses.

Proposals include:

  1. Introducing a new right to request workplace modifications for all employees suffering from health conditions - not just those who are deemed to be disabled where the duty to make reasonable adjustments applies. 
  2. Introducing a sick pay rebate for SME's to help them support individuals with disabilities or long-term conditions return to work.
  3. Pro-rating SSP to ensure that employees can agree a phased return to work without being financially worse off.
  4. Extending SSP to low earners (currently, it's only paid to those who earn more than £118 per week which excludes around two million workers). To avoid low earners receiving SSP at a higher rate than their actual wages, it will be set at 80% of their average weekly earnings.
  5. Strengthening statutory guidance to support employers to take 'early, sustained and proportionate steps' to support a sick employee to return to work, before that employee can be fairly dismissed on the grounds of ill health.
  6. Improving access to OH providers - by co funding or introducing vouchers for smaller employers.

The consultation closes on 7 October 2019.