The leisure industry continues to demonstrate resilience, with the investment in AirHop by Rcapital the latest transaction in the sector.

AirHop has trampoline parks in both the UK and Germany and is a one of a growing number of alternative leisure offerings, with consumers continuing to focus on 'experience' led leisure activities. Rcapital have backed the management team, seeing opportunity for consolidation and growth.

The continued variation in offerings from the sector reflects changing customer demands. Dry January led to pop-up alcohol-free bars and Veganuary has seen a host of restaurants adding vegan choices to their menu. As consumer requirements continue to evolve there is increasing opportunity for new and existing businesses, providing they can spot the trends and react to them.

In a fast paced leisure sector identifying the next big thing has become critical to businesses who want to grow and investors continue to be keen to partner and support those businesses who can maximise that opportunity.