This the first of four posts based on a popular Christmas song, each of which will contain a quick recap of the week's news from DCLG.

In their new (unofficial) roles as festive gift givers, this week Sajid Javid and Gavin Barwell have presented us with:

  • Confirmation that the Homes and Communities Agency has survived the statutory review conducted earlier this year - with a "renewed and revitalised" purpose of supporting house-building.  The review has also recommended that the HCA's regulatory responsibilities for social housing are hived off into a separate 'stand alone' organisation.  I wonder what they will call the new standalone regulator... "the Tenant Services Authority" has a nice ring to it.
  • A new date for publication of the Housing White Paper, which, according to a statement Sajid Javid gave to the House of Commons on 28 November, is now due to be released in January 2017.
  • A promise, contained in the same  statement, that local growth fund allocations will be announced over the next week or so; and
  • The launch of a major investment project for the private rented sector - by way of a development partnership involving the HCA and Dandara. The press release for the deal promises  "up to 1,500 new construction jobs could be created across the 3 cities from the deal which will provide 2,062 rental homes" spread across Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.  More information can be found here: