Cheshire East Council is seeking permission from the Supreme Court to appeal the Court of Appeal's Judgment in Suffolk Coastal District Council v Hopkins Homes Limited and SSCL  and Richborough Estates Partnership LLP v Cheshire East Borough Council  [2016] EWCA  Civ 168

The Judgment, which was issued in March, clarified the proper interpretation of the meaning of 'relevant policies for the supply of housing' in paragraph 49 of the NPPF. 

The Court of Appeal concluded that the term was wider than policies simply dealing with housing numbers or allocation sites.

Instead the Judgment expressly stated that the terms should apply to 'relevant policies affecting the supply of housing' which  could include  local plan policies on development in the green belt, areas of outstanding natural beauty or national parks, as well as those governing where homes should be build and how many are needed. 

The Court of Appeal refused permission to proceed to the Supreme Court when the Judgment was issued.  

It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court takes a similar view.