It has long been a pet theory of mine that the more important a planning related consultation is, the duller its title will be. This certainly appears to hold true with the "Starter Homes Regulations: Technical consultation" which opened last Thursday.  

The consultation is seeking views on the Government's detailed proposals for the introduction of Starter Homes - a key plank of Housing & Planning Bill which is currently being considered in the House of Lords.

Some of the more interesting points to note include:

  • requiring between 15% and 20% of the units in a scheme to be starter homes.
  • limiting the obligation to provide starter homes to sites of 10 dwellings or more;
  • allowing injured servicemen or the spouses of those who died in service to apply for starter homes regardless of age;
  • preventing subletting within the first five years of ownership;
  • tapering the level of discount at which a starter home must be sold on at - so that it cannot be sold for full market value for the first 8 years of ownership
  • seeking views on appropriate exemptions or carve outs from the policy - for example for build to rent or student accommodation schemes.

The consultation is open until 18 May 2016 and the papers can be accessed here: