December has always been a popular time for public consultations, so it did not come as a particular surprise to many of us that the government's consultation on proposed changes to the NPPF opened in the run up to Christmas.

The timing does, however, appear to have raised a few eyebrows amongst the Communities and Local  Government Select Committee, who have announced that they will be conducting a 'quick' inquiry into the consultation.

The inquiry will look at the proposed changes to the NPPF, which include amendments to the definition of affordable housing and the introduction of a 'delivery test' to see councils are meeting their locally set housing targets.

It will also, however,  consider the timing of the consultation - which runs over Christmas - and it's relatively short duration. 

The Select Committee has expressed concerns that the timing and duration of the consultation will limit the ability of interested parties to respond. A criticism which suggests that DCLG may end up on the Committee's naughty list this year.