Uber is at the vanguard of mobile technology and sharing of resources, but there is no reason why other areas can't also benefit on a similar basis.  We are already seeing group legal actions against VW because of their car emissions scandal.  Outsourcing of non-core business functions, for example: HR, Marketing, web site maintenance and IT, have been with us for a while.  And it is likely that in the near future the idea of a company with any employees at all will be commonplace.  Everyone providing their skills to more than one 'business partner' from their smart phone.  As it is, Uber is the world's largest taxi company even though it owns no cars and employs no drivers.  Alibaba is the worlds largest retailer, even though it has no stock.  I'm sure we could all think of new ways of working which would make the most of mobile phone technology.  What's next?