Since October 2012, new pensions legislation meant that all employers would eventually be required to automatically enrol employees into a qualifying pension scheme and make mandatory contributions to the same (regardless of the size of the business). As a result all employers were provided with a staging date for auto enrolment with large

employers being affected first.

The auto enrolment reforms are still being phased in but a large number of employers have already reached their staging date and the Department for Work and Pensions has recently published this report which assesses the impact of auto enrolment.

There are still a number of smaller employers that have not yet reached their staging date but that will do soon. If your business falls within this category you should take appropriate steps to ensure that the Company is ready for auto enrolment in due course.

As well as putting in place compliant pension arrangements, employment document may also need to be updated to reflect any changes to pension benefits offered to employees on account of auto enrolment. The company reaching its staging date may therefore

be a good opportunity for employers to carry out a general review of their employment documentation and also consider other amendments to existing employment contracts so as to reflect current employment law and to best protect the business.