Today we've seen David Cameron's four objectives for change mocked as "thin gruel" whilst recognised by some EU counterparts as "largely unproblematic." Putting the politics aside, we are failing to see the positive impact EU law has had in shaping out working lives. Most referenced is probably the freedom to work in any member state - removing the need for businesses and individuals to obtain immigration approvals, ensuring equivalent educational qualifications are recognised and that there is no double taxation of wages, is simple business-friendly stuff. Less well publicised as of European origin may be the limit on working hours (48 hours per week), ensuring the right for employees to be paid when on holiday and to take breaks from work. Add to that the fundamentals of equality and not discriminating in employment, recruitment and after employment and we start to see how much of our law benefits from and is shaped by EU law. These key attributes level the playing field and that has to be good news for businesses and workers across Europe.