Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year and so retail businesses will be preparing for the massive crowds of shoppers. However, even businesses not directly impacted by Black Friday should get ready for the day as no doubt staff will be (and who blames them as everyone loves a bargain!).

It may not immediately come to mind, but large events like Black Friday can have an impact most businesses (and not just those in the retail sector). For example, employers may experience multiple requests for holiday so that staff can make the most of the sales (particularly with Christmas just around the corner). This may go further and where holiday is refused employers may find higher levels of absenteeism on days like Black Friday and so will need to be prepared to deal with this.

In addition, even if staff do turn up to work as usual they may be more easily distracted during the day surfing the internet for crazy deals.

In light of this (and with just under 3 weeks to go till Black Friday), it would be a good time for employers to review their policies and procedures to ensure that they are up to date and have the flexibility to cover such situations. Employers might also want to review their internet usage rules to minimise the chances of staff spending the day shopping on the internet. However, such action may unfortunately not be enough on its own, particularly in light of the increased used of private smart phones which allow for undetected use of the internet, and more importantly a review of the disciplinary procedure may also be needed just in case any situations arise.

Black Friday does of course have many benefits and has a huge impact on the economy and is a great day for some retail therapy! However, employers will ultimately help themselves and their businesses if they ensure they are also ready.