This is an interesting comment on the dilution of the quality of apprenticeships. However, the drive to increase the number of apprenticeships on offer seems unlikely to slow down. Whilst of course it would not be satisfactory if the vast number of apprenticeships did not adequately prepare apprentices for the world of work, undoubtedly there are a number of high quality apprenticeships available which greatly benefit both the apprentice and the employer.

It is important to remember too that the legal changes with regard to apprenticeships over recent years, including the introduction of a new modern way to engage apprentices using an apprenticeship agreement and more recently its replacement, the Approved English Apprenticeship Agreement, have certainly given employers much more flexibility to ensure that the relationship works than the traditional form of engagement ever has. This ultimately has helped make apprenticeships a more attractive option for employers enabling more apprentices to benefit from the combination of employment with training that this form of engagement offers.