The Trade Union Bill 2015-16 is being debated this week in committee in the House of Commons.

The Bill initially sought to cover a number of reforms and changes, including changes to voting thresholds, more transparency, time restrictions, permitting the use of agency workers during strike and also to tackle the intimidation of non-striking workers. Some even suggested that the proposals were the biggest overhaul of industrial action since the 1980's.

However, current reports suggest that not all reforms will be introduced. The Guardian reported this week that police chiefs had expressed concerns over plans for the police to monitor and vet social media behaviour of striking workers. It will be interesting to see whether this does become reality as in practice this is likely to put an even further burden on an already stretched police force. However, this proposal demonstrates just how far reaching and part of our every day lives social media has become.

We will need to watch this space for final decisions on reforms.